Communication Maker's Market: Holiday Edition
10:00 AM10:00

Communication Maker's Market: Holiday Edition

Join Communication as we host our first market, holiday edition! 

We will have several local Madison artists and makers filling up our space with their wares, including jewelry makers, collage artists, sculpture artists, printmakers, and more. 


Jaundy Brunswick Art
RAD Illustrates
American Trash
Pots and Friends
Madre Yerba
Smere Tactics
Hannah O'Hare Bennett
Selia Salzsieder Art
Polka Press
Native Essence Art
Ashley Wilkinson

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Municipal Restored
11:00 AM11:00

Municipal Restored

From 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 8, there will be behind-the-scenes-tours, music, and art and participatory art projects. Bring the family and take advantage of this living history/oral history project. Communication will host an interactive project as a part of the event.

This is a free family-friendly event, and a great opportunity to enjoy downtown Madison.

More info:

* Please not that this event is at the city Municipal building, NOT at Communication.

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Singer Songwriter Night at Communication
7:30 PM19:30

Singer Songwriter Night at Communication

$8 - All Ages - Doors at 7:30pm

Join Madison local songwriters, J. Marsden, Hannah Edlen, and Nate Meng for an intimate evening of music and storytelling at Communication!

J. Marsden -
Combining influences of Neil Young, John Frusciante, Alice in Chains, and Pink Floyd, guitarist/singer/songwriter, J. Marsden creates his own take on 90’s acoustic alt./grunge rock. 

Hannah Edlén -
Hannah Edlén is a clarinetist, composer, singer songwriter, and also self described as a "clarinet-loopalist". She holds a Bachelors in Music Education, and a Masters in Clarinet Performance. Hannah is working on recording her solo debut album with Sunday Night Records, and can be seen performing with local groups Nate Meng and the Stolen Sea, Chromatic Kink, and jumping in on Night of the Improviser at Cafe Coda. Stay tuned for her upcoming solo album, and a lady-centric band she is currently putting together!

Nate Meng - 
Nate Meng is in the business of focusing the musical potential of the built world. He performs with a complement of equipment slapped together in the hodge-podge style that only a product of The Red-Green Show could execute. Garage sale amplifiers boost discarded dime-store guitars to create a foundation of lo-fidelity and high volume which, layered with echoes of the American industrial age, slowly become the soundtrack of decay and a loss of cultural innocence. Let the increasingly agitated molecules of your body become displaced with the air around them as we initiate these new evolutions of thought. 
The Voyager's Companion, the debut album by Nate Meng and The Stolen Sea, will be released in early 2019'

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Algorave Madison
7:30 PM19:30

Algorave Madison

✶A night of algorithmic dance music generation✶

Kindohm (Minneapolis)

Kindohm (a.k.a. Mike Hodnick) composes and performs music using live-coding tools such as TidalCycles. His music often avoids characterization by applying inhuman code-based sequences to sharp synths, angular kicks, and gritty claps. He has released music on labels such as Minneapolis-based Always Human tapes, and European computer-music trailblazers Co-Dependent and Conditional. In 2014, Hodnick was a recipient of the Minnesota Emerging Composer Award.

Spednar (Pittsburgh)

"A horrid fusion of musique concrete and malfunctioning enterprise," Kevin Bednar's Spednar is a live coding project that tests the boundaries of breakcore and IDM using generative sound. When applied to a sound system, his rhythmic environments in TidalCycles can distort an audience's sense of time and space.

Tarek Sabbar and Dan Fitch (Madison)

Austere electronic music combining motorik drum machines, bleak ambiance, and angular synthesis, which for one night will be paired with generative visuals from live coder Dan Fitch, who's been making computers blink and stutter since 1985.

17.2m (Madison)

Scott Fradkin brings minimal, low frequency techno to your ears for head nodding or dancing.

1trainwreck (Madison)

Jake Witz's code channels the dark forces of the hardcore continuum. When his mechanized jungle, techno and footwork patterns collide together, the result is something weird, danceable and alive.

//$8 all night//
This event has been made possible through the funding from UW Madison's HEX-U program and the Black Arts + Data Futures working group.

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