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Solid Freex * Sex Scenes * Dogs in Ecstasy * Twelves

EARLY SHOW!!! ALL AGES!!!!! And this will be TWELVES last show! And they are playing FIRST at 8pm!!! WHAT"S UP WITH THAT? WEIRD!! DON"T MISS!!!! 

Deez boys have a good time in the pool, lotsa horseplay, but don't forget to have a serious moment once in a while, OK? life isn't all splishy splash we're takin a bath, look your best when you pop that peace sign, more like Solid Flex amirite

Filthy adulterated cuts of punk trash from these Milwaukee songs, don't better get outta my way CUZ IM A BUSINESS MAN......rulers of "the scene"

THUNDERZONE's FINEST!!! Weirdo Windows95-made computer pop with plenty of SKRIZZ.. All songs recorded in the fucking red at Guitar Center. First time in Madison, SIKED!!!! (Ed. note: I lied about it being their first show in Madison but you weren't there anyway)

THEIR LAST SHOW!!!!! TWELVES START AT 8pm!!!! Come shower them with love while they pummel us with rumbling circle bass, then hit us with some divine inspire guitar, and then singer Michael Groome (Prissywhip) rips off the skin. LET'S SEND EM OFF IN STYLE FREAKS

7:30pm doors, $8 cover. Ends by 11pm!