The Communication Team

Director and Arts Manager: Jennifer Bastian
Jennifer Bastian was one of two Dane County Emerging Artists for 2017-18 through Arts and Literature Laboratory and Dane Arts, and was the Artist-in-Residence at the Madison Public Library's Bubbler for the months of August and September, 2017. She brings her community arts background to Communication to support and reflect the needs and interests of the adjacent community.

Programming Manager: Spencer Bible
Spencer Bible is a local artist and event planner that has been working in the Madison area for twelve years. He also created the Bluelight music festival which features over forty local and regional musicians and performance artists every June. Spencer is a known local curator and performer and is excited to use the space as his personal sandbox, putting together varied and dynamic bills of different artistic disciplines to energize local audiences.

Retail Manager: Mollie Martin
Mollie Martin has run her own sole proprietor business selling vintage clothing for the past 4 years. She has grown the business to support herself since she started. She also manages local vintage store Good Style Shop, and helps run a bi-annual flea market under the umbrella of the shop. Her responsibilities and position continues to grow into 2018, and she applies this knowledge to the retail portion of this space.

Programming and Operations Manager: Tessa Echeverria
Tessa Echeverria is a local musician, sound engineer, and booker. They have booked shows across many Madison venues and a stage at the Willy St Fair. Tessa co-owned Williamson Magnetic Recording Company for 4 years, recording many different styles of music. They have also worked on podcasts and other audio recording and mixing. They also work at the Mitby Theater running sound for plays, bands, speaker series and many other events. Tessa can also be seen around playing in According to What and Once A Month.